Our Approach

Our capital markets experience stretches back to 1994 when we were still known as the Gray Family Trust. Alterations have since been made in order to achieve alpha whilst mitigating risk. For strategic purposes we've allocated capital to portfolio managers who follow portfolio diversification methods in an aim to exceed relative returns. In addition we've established our own in-house capital markets fund, which is held for tactical reasons.

Managed Portfolio

A portion of our assets are allocated to portfolio managers who follow portfolio construction theory. Our aim is to find managers who out perform global indices year on year. We'll typically diversify our funds between these managers with the rationale of having a set of managers who follow different strategies and who can provide us with liquidity when needed instead of keeping our reserves in the bank. Our funds are invested across asset classes by these managers, which ensures a low-risk environment, with returns exceeding indices used as benchmarks.

In-house Portfolio

Our in-house portfolio is risk-on and relies on single stock selection. This essentially means that we don't consider ourselves asset allocators in the public markets who follow portfolio construction theory but we'll instead make use of the public markets to either gain exposure to public companies we think are a good buy opportunity or to complete PIPE deals for buyout purposes. Our portfolio includes public equities in both South Africa and the USA.

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